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Today is the first day in 14 that I haven’t had a fever. I think we’ve had mono and thankfully I’ve lived to tell about it…..

It all started on the Thursday, June 11th, when Ben was at boy’s camp. It’s pretty much inevitable that something awful happens when Ben is gone. Aye! Well, Jax came in bed with me on that Thursday night and I could tell he had a high fever. We were actually at my parent’s house; It just so happened I had photo shoots all three days that Ben was gone and my mom babysat while I was at them. Well, his fever continued without other symptoms for several days. On Sunday, June 14th, McKay, Sadie, and I all came down with a fever, too. It would come and go but left all of us quite exhausted.

Luckily the kids’ fevers disappeared after about 4 or 5 days. They still seem a little low energy but are back to normal. Thank the stars above! Mono is much less severe in children. Who knew?

Unfortunately, my health has steadily declined over the last two weeks. The first few days it was just complete exhaustion with a fever and stomachache but it keeps morphing…..headache, killer sore throat, sinus infection, double eye infection, and finally it moved into my chest which was when I knew I needed to go to the doctor for an antibiotic. Since I suspected we had mono (there’s a big outbreak in Florida right now) I hadn’t previously gone to the doctor – nothing they can do for it.

Julie and a friend brought over dinners this week which was super helpful! Also, my mom took the kids for an sleepover from Thursday (Ben was gone until late to youth conference) to Friday and with Ben around I’ve just slept all weekend. It’s helped so much and it’s so wonderful to be improving. It’s really made me appreciate my normal good health.

It hasn’t quite been the fun summer I had planned for but hopefully in another week things will be back to normal!

Although, if this is mono it’s very probable that Ben will be coming down with it soon. It has a 4 – 6 week incubation period and we did quite a bit of kissing the day before my first symptoms began. :/ Let’s hope he stays healthy!

A few of the things we’ve been up to at home the last two weeks – indoor ice skating, playing with Jax’s new toys, puzzles, playdough, drawing/art, tv shows, and lots of book reading.


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  • June 29, 2015 - 4:01 am

    Mary Meyers - Alicia, I feel so bad for you! I guess I didn”t realize your fever has been going on for 2 weeks!!! I should have helped more! I can come get the kids tomorrow and bring them over here so you can rest. Well, I’ll call you or you call me when you’re up to it in the morning and we’ll work things out. You need to rest, rest, rest! I think that’s the best thing for you right now. You are in our prayers every day.ReplyCancel

  • June 29, 2015 - 6:09 pm

    Shannon - So sorry you haven’t been well for so long. I hope you’re on the mend :)ReplyCancel

Want to hear a sad story? Get your tissues ready…..

Back in early January (6 1/2 months ago!) our clothes dryer broke. It would turn on and spin, but wouldn’t heat and dry the clothes. Ben was in the thick of his busy season and didn’t have the time to fix it.  I didn’t want to call a repairman because we only paid $200 for it and the repair is often $150+.  Seemed like a waste to put that much into an old, cheap machine.  So I convinced Ben he could fix it. He convinced me that it would have to wait until the end of his busy season.  Deal.

So I waited.

And waited.

I would wash all our clothes in the washing machine, and then lay everything flat to dry all around the house. It was time consuming, and made the house look messy. And our clothes were kindof crunchy and linty instead of soft and normal.

Finally in mid-March Ben found the time to take the machine apart, watch some YouTube videos, and he ordered the needed parts. Once the parts arrived he fixed it wonderfully and it was up and running again. At least it was for about a four loads. Then it broke again. *Cue crying*

The machine was overheating and we thought the problem might be that our vent was blocked or damaged. We had plans to get a new roof so we thought we’d wait until the vent was replaced during the roof replacement, repair the machine again, and hope that solved our problem.

And so I waited. Again.

A few weeks ago we finally had our roof replaced. Fantastic! Finally a working dryer was in my near future.

One weekend Ben repaired it again. I happily started some laundry (a very strange feeling). It went through the wash and I put it in the dryer. I went to pull it out 45 minutes later and it was cold and wet. *Cue more crying!* The fuse had blown AGAIN!

By the point I was DONE! I was more than done – I was mad! No more tears of sadness; now it was anger.  I was angry at myself for not doing something sooner. Upset with Ben for not making me do something sooner. And angry that we’re not filthy rich so that it would be no problem to go to a store and pick out a new washer and dryer for $1800 (is that really sssooooo much to ask?).

I turned to facebook and asked friends about the best place to buy a new washer and/or dryer. I was determined to end my laundry woes that very day!

Well after seeing my post a friend sent a personal message explaining that they would be moving in a month and their new home had a washer/dryer and asked if we’d like their old one when they move.

It was so kind but I just didn’t know if I could make it another month!

Ben and I went out to Best Buy that night to do some research. The cheapest machine they had was a $400 decent machine. Not super special but at least it would actually dry the clothes! I wanted the deluxe fancy washer/dryer combo at $1800. Laundry is hard enough. Why not have machines that clean amazingly well and work reliably?!?!?

Well, I started wandering the store with the kids while Ben talked to the salesman. I happened to spot an beautiful crisp, clear 4K monitor which was $400. “Hmmmm…..” I thought, “Sure would be easy on the eyes to edit pictures on a new 29 inch 4K monitor instead of my old, sad 19 inch one.” Then I looked at the new iMac computers which were $1800. “Hmmmm……” I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a super fast computer instead of my old slow one. That would cut my photo editing time in half, I bet!”

So after considering the places where I could spend my money I opted to wait the month for the friend’s dryer. In my head this sacrifice was somehow attached to the fact that I could buy a new, beautiful monitor which would make all my editing dreams come true.

Alas, after researching online and as I was about to click “Buy” on a new monitor Ben reminded me of all the other things we need to spend money on…..a new shower in the downstairs, bookcases (check – bought that), hardware for the kitchen cabinets, vacation, car loan, kids’ college education/missions, etc.

So here I sit, still waiting for a working dryer and with no new monitor or computer to show for my patience. *Cue tears again!*

I realize this is a petty, 1st World Problem and there are people in this world with real problems – debilitating diseases, hunger, war, depression, poverty, and abuse, just to name a few.  For the last six months I’ve been reminding myself of how small of a problem this is……each day as I’m laying my clothes flat to dry.

And that is my laundry saga.


Pictures: There was a huge lice outbreak at Jax’s school a month ago.  I overreacted a little by sending Ben to the laundry mat (I had a photoshoot but met him there at the end) with AALLLL our  dirty clothes, pillows, sheets, and quilts.  In the end, after treating the whole family for lice and after hours of cleaning we never found a single bug.  (Which I’m happy about but wish I hadn’t done the 17 hours worth of work!)

Sure was fun to use a dryer again, though.


*Special thanks to my mom! The last two weeks I’ve done all my laundry at her house.

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  • June 17, 2015 - 9:41 pm

    Shannon - You are a trooper Alicia! I can’t imagine having to lay out all of our wet, clean clothes to dry, especially with it being so humid where you are. It probably took forever to dry! I hope the time goes quickly until you get another dryer.ReplyCancel

  • June 23, 2015 - 8:11 pm

    Desiree - Booo! I hope the washer and dryer you’re getting for free just happen to be a sparkling pair that really make you smile. You win the award for patiently waiting.ReplyCancel

The Little Man turned 5 yesterday.  Unbelievable!

Unfortunately, Sadie, McKay, and I have a weird virus (fevers and headaches) so we had to postpone his party.  We still tried to make it a fun day for him, though.

He woke up to a few Octonaut toys, balloons, and streamers.  Then we sent him on a present hunt to find his hidden gifts.



After opening the presents and playing with the toys we ate a quick breakfast and got dressed and went to see Boxtrolls at the movie theater.


Then we ate Chick Fil A at the mall’s foodcourt.  Jax said, “I forgive you for feeding us unhealthy food, mom.”


After that we ran to the bank and then Target.  Grandma Cliffie and Natalie had given Jax some birthday money so he picked out a few new toys at Target.  He loved it!  He offered McKay and Sadie part of his money so those two loved it, too!  He picked out an Iron Man costume and car tracks with a few cars.


We arrived home around 2. Jax and I took naps while Sadie and McKay played with all the new toys.  Jax had the virus last week and is still a little wiped out from it.

Ben came home and we ate dinner and left for Chuck E Cheese.  The kids love that place!  It’s their ultimate happy, cool place. The boys have never been to Disney but if given the choice (which we’ve done) they always say they want Chuck E Cheese instead.


A few pictures in the parking lot afterwards…..






After Chuck E Cheese we went to Gigi’s Cupcakes.  They were delicious.  Not as good as Georgetown’s, though.


Singing Happy Birthday and him blowing out his invisible candle…..


Happy birthday to my perfect, sweet 5 year old!

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  • June 17, 2015 - 9:43 pm

    Shannon - Looks like a fun birthday celebration. I can’t believe he’s five already! Jax sure has grown into a handsome boy.ReplyCancel

  • June 21, 2015 - 12:07 am

    Jess - Yayy! Happy Birthday Jaxxy. He is the sweetest! Can’t believe he’s 5!ReplyCancel

Ben is always so good about making a big breakfast on Mother’s Day.  I was still fast asleep and truly quite unsuspecting when he woke me up with this yummy plate of food.


That was honestly one of the best waffles I’ve ever eaten.  Thank you Ben!

After church we tried for a picture.  They’re cute but not quite what I was wanting…..


That evening we went to the homestead for Sunday supper.  Jess and her boyfriend, Brian, were there, too.  It was fantastic to visit with everyone and get to know Brian.



I tried for another picture of me with the kids.  Cute but still not quite what I had pictured.  Oh well…..:)



For some unknown reason Jax was very emotional this day so just he and I went on a walk together.  It was my favorite time of the day.  I love to hear his thoughts and questions and discuss things with him.


I’m so grateful for these three little kids that keep me busy and happy and laughing all day!

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  • June 9, 2015 - 2:06 pm

    Shannon - I happen to LOVE your mom and kid’s pictures :) I’m happy you had a fun day with all of your family.ReplyCancel

  • June 15, 2015 - 4:59 pm

    Jess - SO IN LOVE WITH THE PICTURE OF THE KIDS AND I!! Hope you don’t mind if I steal it :)ReplyCancel