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10/21/14 – Painting Rocks










10/23/14 – Playing with Ben.

Note: my white balance is totally off.  Our walls are a light grey, not a pinkish beige.







10/24/14 – Crazy day!  McKay had fallen asleep while watching a Christmas movie.  I was unpacking a few remaining boxes in our bedroom.  Sadie gathered foil and paint tape to make a boat.  Jax was dressed in his halloween costume, locked himself in the bathroom, and then was building boats again with Sadie.







10/25/14 – Outing to park because the saw was too loud.  I was playing with manual focus this day with a new, long lens.  It was hard!  I didn’t get many usable pictures.







10/26/14 – My parents were in Utah on Halloween so the Sunday before they came over.  My mom wanted to see them in their costumes so we dressed them up and she brought them candy.







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  • November 11, 2014 - 5:45 pm

    Shannon - I like your project Alicia. The time before and after Bret gets home is also crazy around our house. Love the pictures as always. It looks like your stairs are coming along as well. They are looking great!ReplyCancel

In one of the classes I attended at the ClickinMoms Photography conference we were encouraged to begin a photography project.  Projects are popular among photography blogs I stalk.  Examples include black and white, 365 projects (one picture every day of the year) , From Where I Stand (shooting straight down), kids toys, macro, shoes, textures, people/objects for which one is grateful, a day in the life of (want to do that one), self portraits, an the list goes on.

The idea I settled on I call 5 – 5 great photos in 5 minutes at 5PM.  I also set the rule I had to be in one of them, and one of the 5 must be black and white.  5PM is about the most challenging time of the day for me.  By 5PM the kids are getting hungry and hyper, there are usually toys that need to be picked up, dinner to be started, and my energy level is getting low.  I thought by mixing one of my favorite activities with one of my challenging moments it would help me lighten up and force me to see the good and happiness and beauty in that stressful hour. I plan to do the project for one month and do one blog post each week.

So, since I made the rules I can break the rules, right?!?!  Some days I forget pick up my camera right at 5.  But I think since I’ve started all the pictures have been in the 5 – 6PM hour. Also a few days I was so enthralled I forgot to get in a shot.  A few days I just couldn’t put my camera down after 5 minutes.  And some collections I couldn’t narrow down to just 5 pictures.  So, I’ve broken all my rules.  Shame on me!  Perhaps I’ll get more strict with myself?

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Born at 5:19am October 27th
20.5 inches long,  9lbs 3oz
Sunday night Sarah was at our house for dinner and she looked like this:
Twelve hours later she looked like this:
Life is such a miracle!
My dad, McKay, and I took Ethan and Charlie to the hospital  to meet their little sister.  Ethan was SO excited!  Charlie was nervous and standoffish.
When we arrived at the door Michael had us wait outside until Sarah was situated.  When we walked in the Emma was nursing so they couldn’t see her too well.  Charlie stayed in mine or Michael’s arms and after the first peek wasn’t too interested.  Ethan gave her a thorough inspection announced she was “adorable and soft and was like a sea sponge” and then proceeded to draw a picture of his little sister.  The nurse practitioner came in to examine Emma and that’s when we all got a good look at her.
They spent a few hours visiting while McKay and I left to pick up Sadie and Jax from school.  We also grabbed Ben and went back to the hospital for a short visit.



Attempting a family picture


Welcome to the world and the family, Emma!

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  • November 3, 2014 - 6:14 pm

    Shannon - How fun to have another little girl cousin! Love her name too.ReplyCancel

Sadie and I had some great girl bonding time during a weekend trip to Texas to visit the Cricchios in San Antonio.  Katie Tickner, who now lives in Oregon, flew out as well.  Cricchio and Katie did an overnight group race the night before we flew in.  Sadie and I flew in on Saturday, just after their race.  It was fantastic to see our old friends!  Sadie and Andrew played together beautifully!  It was like we had never been apart.

Cricchio, Katie, and I have interesting relationships. Honestly, we’re each quite different from one another – Cricchio is crafty and laid back, Katie is driven and liberal, I’m…….conservative and traditional?  Interestingly, we three opposites were thrown together (Divine planning, I truly believe) into a small, crazy church ward during some of the most intense years of our lives.  In a 4 year span the three of us we had 7 babies. Intense! They didn’t have family in the area; I had family yet still felt far from them and isolated. I think we all felt drained and tested during those years.  It was a pretty raw relationship because we often saw each other at our worst – impatient with fussy kids, exhausted from sleepless nights, discouraged about postpartum body changes, and overwhelmed with the demands of motherhood.  We had totally joyful days, too – Katie teaching me how to wear makeup, Cricchio climbing through my car window 7 months pregnant to jump my car, our hilarious bookclub meetings, weekly playdates at the park, girls nights out, night runs, laughs about odd occurrences in Pasco, and calling each other in the middle of the night to babysit when we went into labor.  I really loved and needed those good laughs, their listening ears, and lightening experiences! So, I think I’ll always feel close to them in a unique way.  Together we shared a challenging and exciting season of our lives and I think we know a part of each other’s histories that not many others understand.

I learned so much from them!  Mostly I learned how to be a friend. It’s been quite lovely to be given a new beginning in Tampa. As I build new friendships I’m discovering just how much I learned from my interaction with Katie and Cricchio. There are mistakes I’m determined not to repeat, and an openness and generosity and helpfulness I’m trying to possess.

So, Cricchio, Tickner, and I – we’ll always be friends.  They’ve been some fabulous teachers and amazingly patient, fun friends!  It was great to catch up with them in a relaxed atmosphere and laugh about times gone by. Contrary to what I thought at the time, how quickly those times did go by!

















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  • October 31, 2014 - 11:09 pm

    katie - Love!!ReplyCancel

  • November 16, 2014 - 7:44 pm

    Mary - Great seeing pictures of your “trio”!!! So glad you posted so many nice pictures! I enjoy your blog so much, Alicia!ReplyCancel