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Christmas 2016


The kids are looking forward to and enjoying this Christmas-y tradition more and more each year!  (Recap: On Dec 23rd we let them open one present in the morning, we eat a cheese and fondue dinner, and then we camp under the Christmas tree and watch a Christmas movie at night.)  This year we watched Elf and they giggled their way through it.


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Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve morning Ben made us Santa pancakes.

DSC_4911 DSC_4916 DSC_4923

We prepped throughout the day and then went to Mike and Sarah’s around 4:30 for our family get together.  We played the saran wrap ball game and that was a hit with the kids!  The food was excellent!

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Thankfully the kids slept until sunrise on Christmas morning.  They were so, so excited to open their presents.  McKay had been hounding me for months about what he wanted, what he thought I thought he would receive, and when the time would arrive for him to open his presents.  I was happy the day had arrived so I could get a little relief from his inquiries.  He’s already started a countdown to his birthday and has ideas of what he’d like so the relief was short lived.

Santa brought Sadie a mermaid tail, Jax received a bunch of Star Wars Lego characters, and McKay got his transformer TRex.  They were all thrilled!

We bought a TV for the playroom.  We were going to show them after all the present opening but Jax went out there to get something at a mid-point and said, “Um….guys…..there’s something strange in the playroom.”

DSC_5032 DSC_5038 DSC_5042 DSC_5052 DSC_5061 DSC_5067 DSC_5074 DSC_5084 DSC_5093 DSC_5095 DSC_5106 DSC_5109 DSC_5112 DSC_5120 DSC_5123 DSC_5134 DSC_5141

I loved that Christmas was on a Sunday this year.  We attended an hour of church after present opening.  It was mostly all music and quite relaxing and enjoyable.

DSC_5153 DSC_5158

After that we went to the Homestead for more present opening, naps, supper, a trip to the beach for sunset, and a visit with Aunt Debbie’s family.  Mimi and Grampie gifted each of the kids with a tablet.  They were quite excited about that.

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Merry Christmas!!!!

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