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Jax’s 7th Birthday

The last few years Jax’s birthdays haven’t gone as we had hoped or planned – colds and morning sickness made the celebrations a little lack luster. This year I decided to try to make it as special as possible for the little guy who always seems to get the short end of the stick.  Then I found out that Ben was going to be gone for Scout Camp on his birthday. Poor kid. So I decided to REALLY go all out so he would feel special!

We arrived home late, 10:30pm, the night before his birthday because I had a photoshoot and Mimi and Grampie watched the kids since Ben was gone.   I wanted to go to bed so bad but I stayed up late (1am) decorating the house with balloons, steamers, and quotes from family members of things they loved about Jax.

JaxDay1 DSC_3800 DSC_3805

I planned a scavenger hunt with his birthday presents which took him all around the house including outdoors.


DSC_3838 DSC_3831 DSC_3828 DSC_3845


His favorite gift was a MP3 player which I loaded with all his favorite songs.  He loves that thing so much!  His favorite pastime is riding his scooter in circles around the house and singing along to the music in his ears.

DSC_3853 DSC_3857


I decorated the car with chalk paint “Birthday boy on board!”  “Honk and waive!”  “Jax turns 7!”


We went out to breakfast and bought donuts.

DSC_3879 DSC_3886 DSC_3895

Then we packed up and headed to Legoland!


Ben met us there mid-afternoon.

DSC_3912 DSC_3917 DSC_3927 DSC_3937




DSC_4002 DSC_4012 DSC_4025 DSC_4035 DSC_4047 DSC_4062 DSC_4068

Turns out Legoland has a waterpark so went there for a little bit in the afternoon.  The kids had so much fun!!!!!  McKay had a major breakthrough and let his face get wet.  Huge deal for him!

DSC_4074 DSC_4101 DSC_4106 DSC_4112 DSC_4127 DSC_4129 DSC_4134 DSC_4155 DSC_4165 DSC_4173


Jax had some birthday money to spend and he found a big ball which was a game reward and not for purchase.  So Ben had to win it for him.  Took us $20 but we finally got it. He had a little money still left over so we headed to the toy store at the end of the day.

DSC_4185 DSC_4187


The kids had SOOOO much fun!  All day they told me, “Wow, you planned a really good birthday.”  “This is the best birthday you’ve ever planned, Mommy!”  McKay said, “I can’t wait to see what you plan for me!”  :)

We finished the day by eating pizza and more donuts.

It was a long day but I think he felt really loved and that’s what I worked so hard for and wanted for him.  He’s such a special little guy and we all love him so, so much!

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