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Andi’s Baby Blessing

Baby Andi got blessed April 9th, 2017. She wore the same dress given to us by Bonnie Cox when Sadie was born.  I love that dress!  She looked so cute!

Ben did a wonderful job! Very calm and sweet. He’s a great dad.

Andi was crying pretty hard during the blessing but about half way through she stopped and looked up at Joseph and silently starred at him intently for the rest of the blessing time.

In the circle: Michael, Joseph, Ben, my dad, David Barnhill, and Bishop Hodges.

This is the audio:

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My mom sent me this sweet email after the blessing and I remember having similar feelings and thoughts so I thought I would share:

“Thank you for this wonderful day of blessing our precious little Andi. As they called Ben up to bless her and I watched Ben holding her and dad and Michael and Joseph and David walking up to the front, it was so hard for me to keep it together. I was so grateful for our little family that is now not so little. I was so grateful for the power of the priesthood and the men in our family who hold that priesthood worthily and honor it. I was reminded of a time sitting in Sacrament Meeting many years ago when all of you were little and watching other families who, when they had a special occasion like today, would have family members travel from far away to be there to show love and support to that child, and I remember sitting there thinking, someday that will be our family! Someday it won’t be just dad and I there to show the love and support we feel for each child on their special day, whether it be a baby’s blessing, a baptism, a mission farewell or homecoming, a first time attending the temple, or a temple marriage. That day has come. When I saw how many rows we filled up in the chapel today, all to show our love and support for our precious little Andi and for you and Ben and your sweet, wonderful, amazing family, my heart overflowed with joy and it came out my eyes, even as it is now as I type this. And for Cliffie and Natalie to come all the way from Utah to show their love and support meant so, so much to me personally. I love you and Ben and Sadie and Jax and McKay and Andi with every fiber of my being, to the very depths of my soul and not one single day goes by that I don’t thank my Heavenly Father for each of you.”

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  • July 8, 2017 - 4:01 am

    Desiree - Way to go Joseph distracting Andi with that Uncle face!! Very sweet to get to hear the blessing. I’m so very very glad so many family members got to be there with you to support. What a tender celebrationReplyCancel

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