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Sadie’s 10th Birthday!


I thought I was a baby person but it turns out I like my kids more and more the older they get.  Sadie turned 10 and that makes me a little sad. However, she’s ssssooooooo fun to be around, so funny, so independent, so helpful and still so cute!!!!  So, I’m sad to see grow but so happy that she’s just as enjoyable now as she was as a little baby and toddler.  I’m so in love with her!!!

Things that make Sadie great:

  • easy going
  • low drama
  • always happy and cheerful
  • gets along with anyone – all ages, gender, ethnicities
  • super social
  • so helpful (would have I have survived Andi’s childhood without her?!?!)
  • great eater – loves vegetables and is fairly adventerous with food
  • always grateful and says thank you
  • goes to bed easily and we don’t have to lay with her (though, sometimes we do because she likes it)
  • peaceful sleeper – doesn’t toss and turn and smack the person next to her:)
  • affectionate
  • responsible student
  • adventerous
  • let’s me dress her in most anything I choose
  • good cleaner-upper (although she does have hoarding tendencies)


We would love her even if she wasn’t perfect, but she’s just so fun to be around because she’s a great kid!

20180120-DSC_6237 20180120-DSC_6424

So Sadie opted to pass on presents this year and instead we re-did her room.  We moved her out two weeks ahead of her birthday and painted, bought a new bed/bedding/decor, etc.  She was so excited on the morning of her birthday to walk in and finally see what we had been working on!  She loved it all!  She especially loved her new desk which we had filled with all her favorite office supplies. She loves office/school supplies so she was pretty thrilled with her new stash.

sadie bday


Sadie’s other big present was horseback riding lessons for 3 months!!!  Oh, she was so excited!  Brought me so much happiness to see her happiness! (Video of when we told her below)


Sadie’s birthday was on a Wednesday but we let her skip school and we went to her horseback riding lesson instead!

But, first, donuts…..


…and then headed out the door for horseback riding lessons.  She did horse camp for two weeks last summer at Westcoast Morgans.  She’s been begging to go back.  For lessons they groom the horse, saddle them up, ride, and then unsaddle them, give them a drink and a final brush down.  They teach them so much about how to be around horses and care for them.


The boys had a little riding lesson, too:


After that we picked Ben up from work around noon and drove to Orlando.  We visited Sea Life Orlando Aquarium, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, and rode the Orlando Eye.  This was all new for the kids and they loved it all!  Andi especially enjoyed the Aquarium and pointed at everything.



20180124-DSC_7243 20180124-DSC_7255 20180124-DSC_7258 20180124-DSC_7261 20180124-DSC_7278 20180124-DSC_7282 20180124-DSC_7317 20180124-DSC_7332

20180124-DSC_7352 20180124-DSC_7358 20180124-DSC_7365 20180124-DSC_7376

IMG_20180124_172301_953 20180124-DSC_7401 20180124-DSC_7412 20180124-DSC_7429

Sadie Bday2


After that we drove over to Disney Springs and we played at the Lego Store (and picked out a present), ate at Rainforest Cafe, danced at the outdoor dance party, and ate Ghiradelli Sundaes. Yum!

IMG_20180124_190333504_BURST000_COVER_TOP IMG_20180124_190353238_BURST000_COVER_TOP IMG_20180124_195820198


It was a pretty great day.  Perhaps one of my best birthday celebrations?  We felt like last year Sadie didn’t get much attention, because we’d had a baby 12 hours prior to her birthday.  We wanted this birthday to be really amazing.  I think it was!  We love Sadie so, so, so much!


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