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Banff, Canada Trip

I’m keeping this short and to the point because I have a long to-do list:)

Canada: June 6th – 13th, 2018

IMG_20180606_222120438 IMG_20180606_221539512


Mimi, Grampie, and Kimmy  joined us.

We spent the first night in Calgary and then drove through Banff (ate a delicious lunch around an outdoor campfire at the Fairmont there)…..


20180607-DSC_5932 20180607-DSC_5935 20180607-DSC_5942 20180607-DSC_5946 20180607-DSC_5955 20180607-DSC_5966 20180607-DSC_5974

Then we dropped our bags at our Buffalo Farm Airbnb and we went horseback riding.  The kids loved it and the scenery was so beautiful!

20180607-DSC_5976 20180607-DSC_6042 20180607-DSC_6057 20180607-DSC_6062 20180607-DSC_6070 20180607-DSC_6078 20180607-DSC_6100

After horseback riding we walked around the buffalo farm a bit, build a fire, roasted hot dogs for dinner, and ate s’mores for dessert.

20180607-DSC_6106 20180607-DSC_6107 20180607-DSC_6121 20180607-DSC_6128 20180607-DSC_6133 20180607-DSC_6140 20180607-DSC_6162 20180607-DSC_6166 20180607-DSC_6173 20180607-DSC_6178 20180607-DSC_6186 20180607-DSC_6195 20180607-DSC_6200 20180607-DSC_6210


Our first night was our warmest with lows “only” in the upper 40’s so Ben, Sadie and Jax slept in the outdoor screened bedroom.  Jax was freezing so he didn’t make it all night but Sadie and Ben did.  Ben was so cold but Sadie loved it!  She wanted to do it again on other evenings but no one was willing to brave the 30/40 degree temperatures.

20180608-DSC_6214 20180608-DSC_6217 20180608-DSC_6223

On Friday we found the Fairmont we had actually intended to go to the first day.  We canoed around the beautiful lake (Andi cried the whole time so she and I ended early), ate a delicious lunch, and walked around.

20180608-DSC_6236 20180608-DSC_6255 20180608-DSC_6275 20180608-DSC_6306 20180608-DSC_6315 20180608-DSC_6318 20180608-DSC_6324 20180608-DSC_6331 20180608-DSC_6340 20180608-DSC_6350 20180608-DSC_6387

We were going to ride up a lift but it had closed early.  We wanted to hike up to see the snow on the mountain but the employee told us we better not because sometimes there are bears.  Sure enough, when we were heading back to the car we spotted a bear on the mountain right where we were going to hike to.


That evening we went on a hike to find a fire pit.  It ended up being a long, fun, messy journey.

20180608-DSC_6417 20180608-DSC_6429 20180608-DSC_6437 20180608-DSC_6441 20180608-DSC_6443 20180608-DSC_6449 20180608-DSC_6458-2 20180608-DSC_6461

Saturday we toured the buffalo farm with Leo, our host.  He put on a great presentation.

20180609-DSC_6477 20180609-DSC_6484 20180609-DSC_6493 20180609-DSC_6533 20180609-DSC_6542 20180609-DSC_6577 20180609-DSC_6594 20180609-DSC_6603 20180609-DSC_6606

Then we went to Kicking Horse Resort for a ride up the mountain, spectacular views, up close look at Boo the Bear, and some delicious Pesto Pecan Pizza (my favorite thing I ate on the trip!).

20180609-DSC_6620 20180609-DSC_6626 20180609-DSC_6628 20180609-DSC_6641 20180609-DSC_6658 20180609-DSC_6676 20180609-DSC_6679 20180609-DSC_6689 20180609-DSC_6690 20180609-DSC_6693 20180609-DSC_6701This was Andi’s first time seeing snow and she was amazed!  The kids said it was their favorite part of the trip.  They were so cold and wet by the end but they didn’t seem to mind!
20180609-DSC_6712 20180609-DSC_6715 20180609-DSC_6721 20180609-DSC_6731 20180609-DSC_6733 20180609-DSC_6736 20180609-DSC_6737 20180609-DSC_6744 20180609-DSC_6747 20180609-DSC_6749 20180609-DSC_6752 20180609-DSC_6770 20180609-DSC_6774 20180609-DSC_6789 20180609-DSC_6796 20180609-DSC_6802 20180609-DSC_6806 20180609-DSC_6826 20180609-DSC_6827 20180609-DSC_6849 20180609-DSC_6877 20180609-DSC_6902

We ate dinner and dessert back at our cabin in our warm PJs with a fire going in the fire place!

20180609-DSC_6926 20180609-DSC_6929 20180609-DSC_6933The closest church was 2 hours away so we spent the cold and drizzly Sunday playing games and driving through Yoho National Park.  We ended at Lake Morraine and it was SPECTACULAR!  So, so, so pretty.  Mimi bought everyone hot chocolate and the kids loved that!  Jax, Kimmy and I hiked up to the lookout after Ben, Grampie, and Jax told us how beautiful the view was.  It was so, so cold but we were so happy we did it.  The views were amazing!  It also started snowing when we were at the top of a lookout which made things even more beautiful.  Jax was giddy about the snow. 20180610-DSC_6939 20180610-DSC_6947 20180610-DSC_6962 20180610-DSC_6984 20180610-DSC_7025 20180610-DSC_7035 20180610-DSC_7066 20180610-DSC_7075 20180610-DSC_7079 20180610-DSC_7082 20180610-DSC_7104 20180610-DSC_7107 20180610-DSC_7109 20180610-DSC_7111 20180610-DSC_7115 20180610-DSC_7124 20180610-DSC_7138 20180610-DSC_7160 20180610-DSC_7199 20180610-DSC_7207 20180610-DSC_7220 20180610-DSC_7227 20180610-DSC_7234

IMG_20180610_232136_591 IMG_20180610_232548_243 IMG_20180610_234025_108

We ended the day back on our buffalo ranch with tin foil dinners and s’mores.  Grampie told the kids his conversion story and it was a special family time.

20180610-DSC_7245 20180610-DSC_7248 20180610-DSC_7256 20180610-DSC_7268 20180610-DSC_7286 20180610-DSC_7291 20180610-DSC_7297 20180610-DSC_7301 20180610-DSC_7329 20180610-DSC_7332 20180610-DSC_7337 20180610-DSC_7340

Monday morning we packed up and hiked to see Wapta Falls.

20180611-DSC_7347 20180611-DSC_7354 20180611-DSC_7359 20180611-DSC_7375 20180611-DSC_7378 20180611-DSC_7393-2 20180611-DSC_7397 20180611-DSC_7401 20180611-DSC_7432 20180611-DSC_7437 20180611-DSC_7440 20180611-DSC_7451 20180611-DSC_7472

Then we drove to Johnston Falls.  My mom did this hike with us and we were so proud of her.  The whole path was so beautiful.  Also, note to self if we ever return, they had the BEST soft serve ice cream!

20180611-DSC_7475 20180611-DSC_7487 20180611-DSC_7496 20180611-DSC_7506 20180611-DSC_7509 20180611-DSC_7517 20180611-DSC_7535 20180611-DSC_7542 20180611-DSC_7544 20180611-DSC_7551 20180611-DSC_7567 20180611-DSC_7578 20180611-DSC_7603 20180611-DSC_7604 20180611-DSC_7605 20180611-DSC_7609

In the picture below, I was sitting on the log to the left of Jax’s head when we heard a huge crack and this tree fell over.  It was pretty crazy.  Little bit of wood went flying and it smelled like the wood section of Home Depot.

20180611-DSC_7611 20180611-DSC_7624

After that we were pretty tired to we headed to Canmore to hceck into our hotel.  We ate dinner at Rocky Moutain Flatbread Company, and WOW!, was it good!!!! The kids loved our two story hotel room and laughed their heads off when we put them in the jetted tub.

The next morning we went to the Banff Hot Springs and museum.  Grampie, Mimi and Kimmy left to go the airport for Kimmy’s flight while we went on another hike to see Grassi Lakes.

20180612-DSC_7635 20180612-DSC_7656 20180612-DSC_7663 20180612-DSC_7671 20180612-DSC_7676 20180612-DSC_7682 20180612-DSC_7692 20180612-DSC_7699 20180612-DSC_7706 20180612-DSC_7723 20180612-DSC_7771 20180612-DSC_7786 20180612-DSC_7810 20180612-DSC_7812 20180612-DSC_7823

After that hike we went back to Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. because we loved it so much!  Funny thing is, my parents loved it so much that they decided to do the same thing after dropping Kimmy off at the airport so we ate lunch together unexpectedly.

A photographer friend, Jessica Chapinkski, happened to be in Banff at the same time as us so we met up to swap family photoshoots at the top of Lake Moraine.  It was so pretty but sooooooo cold!  We were all painfully cold but we were still able to get a few good ones before McKay, who is so sensitive to cold weather, broke into tears and we took him back to the car to warm up.

20180612-DSC_7906 20180612-DSC_7921 20180612-DSC_8079

The next morning we packed up and flew home.  It was a really fun trip and we would love to return to the same area one day!

We loved all the fresh air, beautiful landscapes, delicious food (surprisingly good food up there!), campfires, animal sightings, and hikes filled with laughter!


A few more videos/pictures from the trip:

IMG_20180609_214656_812 IMG_20180609_214306_640 IMG_20180608_232130_381 IMG_20180608_231936_584 IMG_20180608_231819_964 IMG_20180608_231718_816 IMG_20180608_231413_683 IMG_20180608_231312_459 IMG_20180608_094622_163


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    Desiree Johnson - What an unforgettable trip! Different from so many others. I’d love to go back there and take more time to see everything. It’s SO PRETTY.
    I love that the kids loved the snow and the horseback riding looked fun to me.ReplyCancel

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