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Andi’s 1st Birthday!!!

Our baby turned 1!!!!


It was a bit of a rough first year so I’m actually happy that she’s getting to a more fun, manageable age.  I know this is our last baby but we LOVE 18 months through 3 1/4 and I’m excited for all the fun coming up!

20180120-DSC_6297 20180120-DSC_6311

We decorated the house for Andi’s birthday.  She loved the balloons!  We bought her a few gifts, but she was pretty uninterested in them.  The big kids liked them, though!

IMG_20180123_004048_241 20180123-DSC_6872 20180123-DSC_6855 20180123-DSC_6800 20180123-DSC_6733

My parents and Gramma came over in the evening and we let Andi smash a cake. She did a pretty good job!



20180123-DSC_7097 20180123-DSC_7084 20180123-DSC_7078 20180123-DSC_7048 20180123-DSC_6973 20180123-DSC_6963 20180123-DSC_6934

We love her so, so, so much! Andi brings so much excitement and happiness into our home. She keeps us all laughing with her cuteness and she keeps us on our toes with her busy, unpredictability.   :)  She gives us so much joy.

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