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McKay is One!

We survived!  It was touch and go at times.  But, we survived.  A whole year.  During challenging times I always toldView full post »

Sleep…. by Ben

I’ve often wondered why it is the children who get all the energy.  Their bodies are little nuclear reactorsView full post »

Celebrating Motherhood

Happy Mother’s day – especially to our great moms!  They are two of the best mothers I’ve ever know.View full post »

Much Thanks & Going Ons

Well, thank you for the kind messages and words of encouragement regarding my Easter post!  My brother called me rightView full post »

Recurring Dream Theme

Last night I dreamt that Ben and I were unmarried but living together (in a non-sexual sense) and I was caring for hisView full post »

Which Story Do you Want to hear?

I wrote two blog posts.  Both are true.  If you’re a glass half full person – read the first one.  If youView full post »

A word & a song

I have certain adjectives and songs that float through my mind as I go about my interactions with each family memberView full post »

The Day That Wouldn’t End

The date was 7.20.2011.  It was a hot, humid and sunny July day.  Sadie was 3.5 years of age, weighing in at 28 pounds.View full post »

According to Sadie….

According to Sadie she is pregnant and she’s naming her baby Dora, even if it’s a boy. She chose the nameView full post »

Doctor’s Smackdown

Sadie had her 6 month check up last week and the doctor gave us an entire list of things we need to work on with her. IView full post »

Grammy’s Jokes

This is some video we took of Sadie tonight. Ben is a really good joke teller as you can tell from the footage. TheView full post »

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to….

True to Form, Sadie spent most of her birthday party unhappy. She is secretly a very happy, fun baby but any time weView full post »

A ‘Conversation’ With Sadie

This was my Sunday afternoon conversation with Sadie: Me: “Hey Sadie! You want to have a little interview andView full post »

The Cycle of My Life

What did you do today? This is what I do everyday: (Sadie shown above after her lunch) (Did you need a close-upView full post »

Sadie the Babysitter

Since my pregnancy and the arrival of Jax Sadie has become quite a little mother. Her favorite activity is playingView full post »

Ben’s Clarifying Comment

Have you seen Ben’s sassy comment about my cruise post? This is it: “Now for the true story… theView full post »

Please Don’t Grow up!

“The days are long, but the years are short.” Why do children have to grow so quickly?  Could IView full post »

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