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Life is busy lately.  Busy is good:) It keeps me from thinking about Sadie starting Kindergarten in the not-so-distant future.

What’s new….

Blueberry died.  It was very sad.  I haven’t told the kids yet.  I’m sure I’ll take it harder than they will.  I was a terrible mother to that poor little fish.  He deserved better.

Sadie lost her first tooth!  Boy was that a wake up call.  I’ve been lying to myself about her age.  I still think of her as an older toddler.  I guess 5 1/2 doesn’t qualify as toddler anymore, huh?  She told Ben and me in the grocery store that she had a wiggly tooth. We didn’t believe her but boy were we wrong!  It was driving her nuts so the next day she begged me to pull it out.  True story.  I didn’t want to and I tried to tell her it might hurt and maybe bleed.  She didn’t care.  So, I pulled that little sucker out.  She never flinched.  She was elated to have it gone. She was absolutely terrified of the tooth fairy though.  As I was putting her to bed she said in the sweetest, pleading voice, “Mommy, just this once can you sleep in my bed with me?” I asked her if she was scared of the tooth fairy and she burst into tears.  It was so pitiful.  She is our brave child and so it caught me by surprise.  I brought her in our bed and she slept curled up next to me all night.

Lost tooth

Jax got a hair cut.  I was trying to grow it out but it was looking too sloppy so we chopped it off.  At first I regretted my impulsive decision but now I’m adjusted and quite pleased with the change.  We’ll probably keep it short from now on.  Here’s a picture of him the day before we went to the hair stylist:

During the haircut the stylist got a little seat for Sadie and McKay to sit on.  Sadie put her arm around McKay and McKay did the same back to Sadie.  I love it when they love each other!

The finished product:

Trek is over.  I’ll talk about that in another post.  Wow!  That was really something.

On Thursday we leave for Alabama to visit family.  I’m very excited for that!  McKay and Ben will fly up while Sadie, Jax, and I drive.  It’s 10 hours.  Do you think I’ll survive? Any road trip advice? The furthest we’ve done with the kids was the Keys.  It was 7 hours and it was a looonnnnnggggg 7 hours. McKay is the one that has the hardest time sitting still, though. Hopefully Sadie and Jax will be good! I’ve been prepping them and they seem really excited about it.

As soon as we get back from Alabama Ben’s brother, Lane, and his wife, Bekah, are coming to visit. We love to have visitors! It gives us an excuse to do the touristy stuff in the area. I’ve been having fun brainstorming ideas for that trip.

Would you believe me if I told me that we haven’t had a single Saturday at home with Ben without other obligations.  Did that make sense?  The first 4 months of this year he worked every Saturday.  Since then we’ve had something scheduled every Saturday (photo shoots, temple trips, birthday parties, wedding receptions, youth activities, etc.) or on the Saturdays we’re free he goes in to work to catch up. Well, tomorrow is almost our first obligation-free Saturday.  We have a missionary farewell in the evening but we have the entire morning and afternoon to spend however we please.  I’m excited about that! We’re still trying to catch up on sleep since Trek so we may just be lazy and trade off taking naps.  On second thought we should probably be productive and do a deep clean and start packing for this next trip.

4th of July was fun. We didn’t do much to make it special. I’m still in Trek-recovery-mode and not feeling excessively energetic or motivated. We went to a church pancake breakfast in the morning (Sadie and I didn’t eat and I was starving – thought you might want to know).  In the afternoon we took naps. Yeah! I built a pretty great little town with the kids with their new magnetic blocks.  It had a bank, grocery store, house, library, and gas station. Hmmm…those must be the five places we visit most often. We went to Clearwater’s Coachman park for the fireworks show. It rained pretty good and we weren’t sure if we’d get to see fireworks or not.  We packed up to leave but changed our minds and went back.  I’m happy we stuck it out.  The show was great!  The Florida Orchestra performs in their outdoor theater.  Jax loved the orchestra but was scared of the fireworks.  Sadie and McKay were mildly interested in the orchestra but enjoyed the fireworks.

WARNING: this is a bad transition and I’m about to do a picture dump!

Here are a few other random pictures from lately:

This is what my floor looked like at 5PM on Tuesday. We had gone to the Glazer Children’s museum and the kids got tons of stuff and dumped it out everywhere. There’s also towels, pillows and toys mixed in. 5PM is such a hard time of day!

My boys watching the neighbor boys shoot off fireworks.

Pictures from Sunday night’s walk to the lake:

Moe melting down! I love him even when he’s ornery.

Jax was asleep on my bed and McKay went to Jax’s bed, grabbed his blankie, and threw it on him. What a helpful brother!

There’s only water in those spray bottles. The kids were suppose to be helping me mop but they ended up spraying each other, the walls, windows, etc. It didn’t work out quite how I had planned!

My cute primary class – Kennedy, Madyson, Josh, and Charlie.

Sadie hoping that with enough brushing her tooth would fall out.

Cleaning and repacking the tents after Trek.


I think this blog is going downhill.  Each post seems to get more and more disorganized.  Sorry ’bout that!

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  • July 9, 2013 - 3:34 am

    Stephanie - Disorganized? Whatever! I loved this post! I miss seeing you guys everyday. So its great to see random, everyday photos. Jax looks so grown up with his haircut. Doesn’t it just make you want to cry? I tear up everytime Andrew gets his cut.ReplyCancel

  • July 10, 2013 - 7:19 pm

    kimmy - I love your family. :)ReplyCancel

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