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This is going to be random and long!  The days are flying by and I’m failing to document so much.  So this won’t be perfect but at least it’s something.


Jax lost his first tooth!  It was super wiggly and driving him crazy.  One night he begged me to get it out. I pulled and pulled, but it wouldn’t budge. Finally it popped out after an hour-ish of effort.  So the awkward smile years begin for him!  Braces are definitely in his future.



The days are cooling off just slightly so we’re usually outdoors again in the late afternoons.  It’s so nice to have a little relief from the heat.  I usually love summer but I have a low heat tolerance with this pregnancy so we’ve been inside a lot.

Sadie has refused for years to attempt to learn how to ride her bike without her training wheels.  She wasn’t thrilled, but, I took them off this past week and I’m bound and determined for her to learn to ride her bike this coming week.

DSC_9190 DSC_9221 DSC_9222 DSC_9295 DSC_9308 DSC_9322


We had two extra days off school due to a little tropical storm.  We made big breakfasts, stayed in our PJs half the day, played with every toys we own, and visited the beach to see the high tide and feel the wind.  McKay wouldn’t get out of the car at the beach, but Sadie and Jax were amazed and entertained.  I remember my mom taking me to the beach to hunt for shells at their ages and I loved to feel the strength of the wind.  I remember feeling like my legs were getting blown out from under me and holding on to my mom’s hand to keep from blowing away!  I thought they deserved to have similar memories:)

DSC_1186 DSC_1192 DSC_1200 DSC_1212 DSC_1215 DSC_1217 DSC_1221


We visited our favorite Halloween costume spot: Goodwill!  The kids each found their perfect costumes and it only cost me $10 total.  Win!  They’ve been wearing these every other day for a few weeks.  Jax especially loves to dress up.

DSC_1236 DSC_1239 DSC_1245 DSC_1250 DSC_1258 DSC_1268


Our mango tree gave us lots of yummy fruit this year!




We went to Mike and Sarah’s new home for Labor Day.  My parents were in Utah and we missed them.  We gorged ourselves on Panzerotti and grilled pizza.  Tasty!

We love their new huge home, but wish it wasn’t so far away.  Seems like we’re still seeing a lot of each other, though, so that’s great.

DSC_2385 DSC_2388 DSC_2396 DSC_2408 DSC_2411 DSC_2415 DSC_2428 DSC_2432 DSC_2434 DSC_2438 DSC_2450


DSC_2457 DSC_2463 DSC_2469*************************************************************************

Spencer turned 4 so we celebrated his birthday at Joe and Julie’s house.  The kids always look forward to cousin and cake time!


DSC_3809 DSC_3813 DSC_3823


I’ve been on a mission to try new restaurants lately.  One of the spots we visited last week was a mini donuts shop in south Tampa.  These little puppies were so good I had to get out my camera and take pictures!  So unique!  So delicious! It was almost life changing.  I’ve been craving them daily since our visit.  Wish it was closer.  On second thought, maybe it’s best it’s not too close.  I’d be there daily.

DSC_4093 DSC_4098 DSC_4104


Last Sunday we went to one of our favorite spots by our last house: Crews Lake Park.  It was peaceful and wonderful to have family time. Watching the kids run and play in wide open spaces brings me so much happiness.  Does my heart good and theirs.  My disclaimer: the kids picked out their own outfits and they’re a little wild and crazy.  Sadie is so girly, and the boys want to look fast and tough.  What’s hilarious is they think their baby leggings make them look tough:)

DSC_4124 DSC_4127 DSC_4131 DSC_4140 DSC_4152 DSC_4164 DSC_4179 DSC_4187 DSC_4205 DSC_4240 DSC_4284


We have passes to Lowry Park Zoo and in the month of September they have a program called “Swaptember” where we can also get into the Aquarium and MOSI for free.  So I took the kids last Monday to the Aquarium and been took the kids to MOSI on Saturday while I was working.  Kids loved both but preferred MOSI.


Scared of the alligator…..

DSC_4307 DSC_4309

They chased this otter back and forth for at least 20 minutes.  It was their favorite part of the day!

DSC_4324 DSC_4330

I have pictures of them at the spot below from previous years.  When we got to the spot this year Sadie requested my phone so she could take a selfie with her brothers:) Big changes from the previous years!  They’re growing up.

DSC_4337 DSC_4347 DSC_4348 DSC_4359 DSC_4363 DSC_4376

I lied, this was their favorite part of the Aquarium!  It wasn’t an animal; it was mist.  They were so amused!

DSC_4384 DSC_4400 DSC_4407 DSC_4418 DSC_4432 DSC_4438

MOSI pictures from Ben’s phone:

IMG_2386 IMG_2351


I like having two hours of one on one time with McKay everyday.  So far I’m quite happy with our decision to have him do another year of preschool.  His new school is amazing, and he seems so happy and full of enthusiasm when I pick him up.

DSC_4669 DSC_4683 DSC_4695


We celebrated Ben’s birthday this past week.  He wanted to keep it simple and to celebrate with the kids so we went to Maggiano’s. It was delicious!  He also didn’t want any presents.  I felt bad I didn’t go all out, but he didn’t seem to mind one bit.  Last year we were island hopping in Thailand.  I knew that couldn’t be topped and I accepted that some years are going to be more extravagant than others.  He seemed delighted and more than content with how we celebrated.



Other things I didn’t take pictures of: Mike and Sarah watched our kids so we could have a little getaway for our anniversary.  It wasn’t long but it was lovely to have a little break and uninterrupted time together.  We stayed on Clearwater Beach for just a night.  We returned the favor and their kids spent the night at our house the following weekend.  The kids loved it!

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