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Andi Update: The First 6 Months


Our little peanut created a bit of upheaval in our normally organized and productive lives.  We knew the first 6 months were going to be hard.  They were.  We knew we’d survive.  We did!

We had a small 6 month celebration with the family on Andi’s half birthday which fell on a Sunday.  We made her a little cake which she unexpectedly grabbed while we were singing to her.  She wasn’t happy when we put a quick end to her exploration. I think she’s be thrilled to demolish her first birthday cake!


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Looking back here are a few little items about Andi during her first 6 months…..

Andi was our hardest newborn.  She was also our smallest.  Alicia thinks her small size caused her fussiness – her intestines weren’t large enough to digest the larger proteins yet? We did everything we knew to do to help ease her discomfort – chiropractic adjustments, medicines, sleeping at an upright angle, lots of burbing, small feedings, and dietary restrictions for Alicia.  It helped but those first few months were pretty looonnngggg and exhausting.

Andi was a pretty chatty newborn.  Lots of cute sounds and expressions!

Andi started smiling early.  I think she was 5 1/2 weeks.  Those early smiles gave us so much hope and happiness that happier times were ahead.

Andi was not the best day-time sleeper, but maybe our best night-time sleeper.  Early on she was up a lot at night, but quickly got into a routine of only about 2, maybe 3, night feedings.  There were a few nights she slept clear through the night – 9pm to 6am!  Because of her small size Alicia started waking her up at night to feed her, though.  Also, Andi’s routine was interrupted during our trips to Utah and DC and we’ve never been able to get her to sleep those long stretches again.  One day. In the day time, the only way we could get her to sleep was in the mobi wrap.  The mobi wrap naps eventually evolved into stroller naps.  We’d take her for a walk in the stroller and she’d relax and fall asleep.

Andi hated bath time.  She didn’t like the water and would cry and cry.  Needless to say, bath time was always very quick.  She’s changed recently, and now loves bath time.  She likes to splash the water.

Andi’s first word was “Mama.”  It came out very clearly when she was crying.  When life isn’t quite right for her, there is no one in this world that can calm her like her mama.

Andi loves to nurse, and has been great at nursing from the beginning.  But she has not transitioned easily to baby food.  She’ll take a bottle when she’s really hungry, such as when Alicia is on a long photo-shoot.  She would take a few bites of baby food when offered to her, but after about two bites, she preferred just playing with the food rather than actually eating it.

Andi had a lot of hair when she was first born, and it was very dark.  Over time it seems her hair has thinned out and lightened in color.  People often say she looks like Ben.  Ben’s response is “it’s because she is bald and chubby.”

Andi loves to be held!  Her favorite spot is in Alicia’s arms. Her second favorite spot is in Ben’s arms.  She likes to face outward so she can see the world.

Andi is always looking around and has a very inquisitive personality.  She’s not what I would call a laid-back personality.  She’s on high alert most of the time.

Andi loves to pull hair or squeeze the skin on a person’s face.  Ouch!


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