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Ben’s 38th Birthday

I was a bad/good wife and followed Ben’s wishes to not buy him presents or make a big deal about his birthday this year.  I felt bad we didn’t do more to commemorate the occasion but I’ve accepted that some years we’ll go bigger for adult birthdays than on other birthdays.

Ben choose Olive Garden for dinner.  We hadn’t been there in years.  Andi was a little tired and fussy so I left early with her.  We had ice cream sundaes back at home, and the kids presented him with homemade cards.

20170921-DSC_7752 20170921-DSC_7754

That’s about it.  Not much to report but I still wanted to jot it down so we’ll remember it one day!

Love you Ben!

IMG_20170921_174622422 IMG_20170921_174608670 IMG_20170921_174602993_BURST000_COVER_TOP

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