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In A Nutshell

This was our week in a nutshell…

Monday we visited the preschool in the morning and played around here in the afternoon….

All three kids took naps (very rare) so I got a little snoozer.  Very nice!  McKay was the first to wake up and we played in Sadie’s room for a while.

Sadie only takes a nap once or twice a month.  She has a hard time waking up afterwards.  Here she is in her daze….

I’ve been playing with the self-timer on my camera a lot lately.  I have lots of shots like this….

Once and a while I’ll actually get one kindof in focus….

Tuesday we visited Mimi in Seminole and took the kids to the Florida Botanical Gardens….

They had these signs posted all over the place.  Made me nervous!

Wednesday we visited Andrew Cricchio for his birthday party play date…

Thursday we went with Mimi to the Strawberry Festival….

Jax was terrified of the cows.  He secretly really, really likes them.  But his love goes out the door when we see one up close.  Poor kiddo!

Jax fell asleep and McKay melted down so we didn’t get to see everything.  It was a madhouse though and a warm day so it was probably good we left when we did.

Friday we had a lazy morning and then went to the park for three hours this afternoon….

Always on the wrong feet.  I don’t even care anymore!

I couldn’t decide which of these three were my favorite so I’m posting all of them.  They’re all so cute for different reasons…

It should be a busy weekend up ahead.  We are headed to Seminole tomorrow for Joseph’s third birthday party and the beach in the afternoon.  Let’s hope we find a few minutes for rest, too.

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