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Utah Trip 2017

We were in Utah from 8/1 to 8/8 this year.  We packed a lot of fun and visiting into the trip.  Let’s see if I can remember what all we did:)

We had McKay’s birthday celebrations on 8/2.  McKay’s 6th Birthday blog post has tons of pictures and details.

On the morning of 8/3 I met my BFF from high school for breakfast.  We had fun catching up and laughing about times gone by.

20170803-DSC_9220 20170803-DSC_9227

Then we drove up to Alpine, Wyoming for Ben’s Johnson Family reunion.  It’s a place where 120 of the nicest, happiest people on the planet sit around and laugh and visit for a few days.

20170803-DSC_9254 20170803-DSC_9261 20170804-DSC_9268 20170804-DSC_9279 20170804-DSC_9285 20170804-DSC_9309 20170804-DSC_9321

On Saturday afternoon we drove to Idaho Falls to visit Grandpa Clint’s resting place and for the Fish Fry on the Johnson Family Farm.  Visiting the grave was one of the highlights of the trip for us.  The kids could really feel something and were very calm and sweet.  It was a special stop.

20170805-DSC_9329 20170805-DSC_9336 20170805-DSC_9350 20170805-DSC_9355 20170805-DSC_9369 20170805-DSC_9371 20170805-DSC_9375 20170805-DSC_9387

McKay lost his first tooth by natural causes while we were on the farm.  Now he’s missing three teeth on his left side.  He’s still cute, though!


20170805-DSC_9401 20170805-DSC_9402 20170805-DSC_9621 20170805-DSC_9627

Sunday we spent at church and had supper with all of Ben’s siblings and Mom.  The kids loved the cousin time!

20170806-DSC_9655 20170806-DSC_9667 20170806-DSC_9683 20170806-DSC_9721 20170806-DSC_9726 20170806-DSC_9735 20170806-DSC_9742 20170806-DSC_9762 20170806-DSC_9769

On Monday we went to Provo Rec Center and swam with Grandma Cliffie, Lane’s family, Bret’s family, Des and boys, Christy and girls, and Troy and kids.  Lots of fun!  Sadie was brave and adventerous.  Jax and McKay were not.  Very typical.  One of these  years those boys will get in touch with their wild sides, I just know it.

20170807-DSC_9776 20170807-DSC_9783 20170807-DSC_9804 20170807-DSC_9816 20170807-DSC_9831 20170807-DSC_9852

After swimming we stopped by the Creamery for an ice cream cone and walked through the Bean Museum.

20170807-DSC_9867 20170807-DSC_9882 20170807-DSC_9898 20170807-DSC_9900 20170807-DSC_9905 20170807-DSC_9914 20170807-DSC_9918

After returning from Provo we packed up again and Troy was kind enough to take us up to Wasatch Stake Park (maybe that’s the name?) for some stocked pond fishing for the kids.  Ben was worn out so he stayed home with Grandma Cliffie and Andi.  The kids had a great time and we caught three fish.  I always feel sad for the fish and guilty about catching them for recreational purposes yet I have fun at the same time.  Complex feelings about fishing.

20170807-DSC_9933-Edit 20170807-DSC_9963 20170807-DSC_9987

We woke up super early on Tuesday and caught an 8:20am flight home to Florida.  Farewell Utah.  See you next year!

20170808-DSC_0074 20170808-DSC_0103 20170808-DSC_0117

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