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Ah, today was a good day.  I cooked, cleaned, and organized to my heart’s delight.

I now love the feeling of wearing an apron.   

I always knew that when I became a mother I would stay home with my children.  If they fall I want to be the one to dry their tears, if they learn a new word I want to be the one teaching to them, and if they are naughty I want to be their to explain to them right and wrong. 

Thankfully, Ben’s job has allowed me to be that stay at home mom. However, I was very clear with Ben while dating that I wasn’t the type of girl that just wanted to cook and clean all day.  Be a mom? Yes.  A maid?  No!  I believe, and still do, that men should do their fair share of housework.

However, my attitude has totally changed. Now I love it!  The feeling of wearing an apron, baking homemade bread, and cleaning up little messes all day feels so rewarding. 

It is such a great feeling to have a tidy, well-organized home with two clean, blissfully happy sleeping babies. 

Special thanks to Ben.  Without a man who never pressured or expected me to be a traditional housewife I never would have allowed myself to love it as much as a do!  

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