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Jax’s 3rd Birthday – A Weekend Celebration

We’re going to go in reverse chronological order in this post.  Why?  Because I’m super creative like that?  No.  In fact, I uploaded them wrong and I’m too lazy, eh, I mean, busy to fix it.

Jax’s birthday fell on a Sunday this year which happened to coincide with Father’s Day.  I knew it would be a challenge to make the day special for each of the guys  so we decided to make the entire weekend a celebration for Jax instead of just his birthday day.

So, to start at the end, we went to the YMCA pool on Monday. This is not exactly part of the birthday celebration but I’m including it here anyways because the kids absolutely loved it and I’ll probably never get around to blogging about it if I don’t include it here.  The pool has a gradual slope and I think they felt more in control than at our pool where it’s over their heads everywhere except the first step.

Too many words, time for pictures….

On Sunday morning we opened presents, ate a big breakfast, rushed to church (which we were a half hour late for), naps, and then we were off to Mike and Sarah’s for the Father’s Day get together.

Trying to get a picture with Ben and his three kiddos on Father’s Day. Not the best!

Ethan made Jax this crown!

Moving on, I mean back, Saturday night we went to the Tickners for their farewell get together.  We were pretty exhausted after a LONG day of fun but the kids managed to rally their energy and had loads of laughs for another two hours at their party which we didn’t get home from until 9:30.

My Sadie wasn’t too happy about taking this picture, can you tell?

Before the Tickner’s farewell party we had Jax’s birthday party at our pool.  Jax has been talking about it for months. All the kids had a wonderful time!  I cheated and ordered pizza to keep things simple.  We also had fruit and quinoa salad.  I made an ice cream cake but Jax wanted cupcakes instead so my mom offered to make those and we saved the ice cream cake for Father’s Day.

When Jax gets shy he puts his fingers in his mouth like below. He’s not an attention-craver.

The only present he requested were these water spray noodles that he and Ethan are holding above.

Sadie wrapped this herself and then tore a piece of the paper to expose the white area and wrote Jax’s name and a picture of him. I found it later and brought a big smile to my face!


In the picture above Jax is wearing our new birthday crown so I don’t have to make one each year. It’s still pretty big on the kids but they’ll grow into it too soon enough.

Prior to the birthday party we had been in Orlando where we had spent the night in a hotel…..

Friday evening we spent at Downtown Disney.  We went to the T-Rex restaurant and had planned to go to an outdoor movie at Ft. Wilderness Preserve but we ran out of time.

The kids were SO excited about the T-Rex restaurant.  We had looked at pictures online all week and talked about it until I was blue in the face.  Well, when the time came they were terrified!  We literally took Jax in kicking and screaming!  McKay was alright but Sadie and especially Jax were terrified.  We had waited over an hour for a table and we were starving so I made them stick it out even though Ben pleadingly said five times, “Let’s just go!”  They calmed down after a little while and by the end they were semi-content. When the time came they were more than happy to leave and Jax requested that we please not do that again next year for his birthday.  It’s really an amazing place but I guess we’ll have to wait until they’re older to go back.

So to summarize in correct order: Friday night drive to Orlando, check into hotel, drive to Downtown Disney, visit Lego Store, visit Disney Store, go to T-Rex restaurant, go on boat ferry, go to hotel, sleep, wake up, temple, Chipotle, drive home, prep food, family pool birthday party, Tickner’s farewell party, sleep, wake up, open presents, big breakfast, church, naps, Father’s day get together at Mike and Sarah’s, sleep, play with toys, and YMCA pool.

Clear as mud?

Take away message: Jax turned three and had a fantastic weekend except while dining at a dinosaur restaurant.

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  • June 21, 2013 - 7:32 pm

    Shannon - Happy Birthday to Jax! Looks like a very fun birthday weekend. Where did you buy the water squirt noodles? I’ve seen them a lot at our pool lately. They’re fun.ReplyCancel

  • July 1, 2013 - 3:33 am

    alicia - I found them at Target. They weren’t a steal of a deal but not awful….a 2 pack for $10. The kids really do love to play with them!ReplyCancel

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