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Utah Trip 2014

Another great summer trip to Utah! We really packed in the fun this time. Some trips are low key and we stay close to home base in Heber. This trip I decided to plan as if we were actually on vacation. We visited friends and a few sites. The kids had a blast!

I was starting to wonder if the trip would ever happen. We had 4 delayed flights, spent the night in Las Vegas (without any of our bags), and finally arrived to our destination 34 hours after leaving our house! It was exhausting. Luckily, the kids were champs and did less complaining than Ben and I did.
Christy and Maddie were so sweet to meet us at the airport the afternoon after the day we were suppose to arrive.  It was a happy moment to see them standing and waving to us!  We had a great time visiting while Ben went to long term parking to grab Kimmy’s car (thanks Kimmy!) and then we went out to lunch.  The kids adore Madeleine!  They treat her like a little baby even though she’s really not that much younger than them.   She’s very polite and patient about being babied.  McKay feels it’s his personal job to babysit her and keep her out of trouble.  He is often found corralling her and yelling at her, “Maddie Jo, come baaaaaaack!”

After lunch we hit the road and drove to a beautiful cabin which Cliffie had reserved for a family reunion.  The kids were about at their break point so the drive felt especially long.  We finally arrived and we were so, so, so happy to see family and finally be at our destination.  We enjoyed dinner, a talent show program with the kids, and a lesson by Grandma Cliffie that evening.
DSC_6558The next morning we had a family photo shoot led by Bekah.  She did a great job.  It’s never easy with a large group but she managed everyone so well.

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We spent the rest of that morning lakeside – visiting, swimming, and canoeing.  Jax is quite nervous around water so we were pleasantly surprised by his willingness to ride in the boat and on the rafts.  Lane put a motor on the back of one of the boats and pulled the kids around the lake on rafts.
DSC_6654 DSC_6655
That afternoon we had a women’s retreat and did manicures and facials while eating chocolate.  My best little girl friend came with me:
DSC_6687After a little while she got bored and decided to catch lizards with the boy cousins instead.  So Sadie-like!  She loves her girly dresses and manicured nails but there’s a little tomboy inside of her, too.


Catching tiny fish.

DSC_6727That evening Troy and Becky hosted Minute To Win It games:

10430371_10152323160359200_2718335718016678804_n 10553576_10152323161369200_3673915077643183341_n
Sunset walk around the lake:

Smores around the campfire:
The next morning we had a little shooting practice and played horseshoes.  McKay especially enjoyed the shooting experience!  We packed up and headed out just after lunch. Bret and Shannon took Jax in their car and Cliffie took Sadie in her car.  We had a peaceful drive – only one sleeping child!  Ben and I enjoyed our uninterrupted conversations.
That evening I met some fabulous Florida friends in Salt Lake.  We were all best friends in high school.  They all live out there so I don’t get to see them too often.  When we do get together it’s just like old times!  I do so love them!
The next day was Sunday so we got dressed and headed to church.  Jax and McKay enjoyed using some binoculars to inspect hot air balloons while the rest of us got ready:
After church the boys napped while Sadie and I went to see Troy’s coworker’s puppies.  This was the highlight of the trip for Sadie!  She had a little emotional breakdown when we left and she still tears up when I show her the pictures.  “When can we go back, Mommy???”  She was entirely, painfully in love!  Time stopped.  She had entered her earthly heaven!  I hated to make her go.  She loves animals and loves to mother – this experience combined her two great loves.
After a good cry she regrouped and spent 3 hours jumping on Grandma Cliffie’s trampoline with her cute cousins who came over for Sunday supper.  We all had a ball enjoying the soft, summer grass and one another’s company.
The next day Christy’s mother-in-law was kind enough to take us to the Museum of Natural Curiosity by using her Grandparent’s pass.  So many clever things to discover!  Desire and Asher came, and Bret and Shannon and family.
I left part way through to visit with Raven, a former roommate, at her new home in West Valley.  We had fun catching up and chatting about days gone by.
That afternoon we visited the Bean Museum.  A mighty big hit with the kids, I must say.  Although, their favorite part was the small kiddie play area which had a small cave-like crawl area which had a spooky bear carved into the wall.  Grandma Cliffie was prepared with a flashlight and all the kids took turns shining the flashlight at the scary bear.
That night we attempted to do an outdoor campfire meal at a park in the canyon.  There was a fire ban, though, so we drove back down to Provo and roasted our hot dogs at a church owned area by Matt and Christy’s house.  The sunset was spectacular!


Male bonding while fire building.


Not sure how many of these she snuck when her parents weren’t looking. I didn’t have the heart to tattle.

Ben had a work obligation the next morning so the kids and I watched Frozen and had a calm morning.
Natalie treated us to lunch at her favorite Indian restaurant.  It was yummy!  McKay inhaled the food.  Sadie and Jax – not so much.  Jax got sick shortly after we left so I’m assuming he wasn’t feeling good.  Note his grumpy face below!
Natalie was sweet enough to watch sick Jax in Heber while we went to Kamas pool with Kurt, Des, Asher, Troy, Jadyn, and Jace.  I think this is the 3rd summer in a row we’ve gone there.  It’s always a hit with the kids.
Natalie kept the kids entertained on the trampoline that night!  It was a steady stream of giggles for an hour and a half straight.  She’s got a way with kids.
The next morning we packed up while Troy and Cliffie entertained our kids at Troy’s house.  We stopped by the bank to say goodbye to Natalie and then we went to Provo to return Kimmy’s car to Christy’s driveway.  While in Provo we met another Florida Friend, RoseAnn, at the Creamery.  RoseAnn spent many, many hours teaching me to wakeboard in high school and has always been so great to our family!  We had a wonderful short visit:)
After that I said a tearful goodbye to Christy and we left for the airport. Thankfully, the trip home was uneventful! We arrived in 8 hours instead of the 34 it took us to get there.:)

It was a fun-filled, friend-filled, family-filled trip! Those are the best kind!

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    Shannon - We loved having some time to visit with you during the reunion weekend. I just wish we could have been around a little longer to see you some more before you left to go home. Your family is always so much fun! We look forward to seeing you in November too.ReplyCancel

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