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1st Day of School

School is up and running again….1st grade and preschool. McKay is my little stay at home buddy. He cried two days last week when Jax left. I was sad the first day but now I’m enjoying having the extra time and peace:)

Jax LOVES preschool. He is really ornery when I pick him up though. He especially gets mad if he hears McKay and I did something interesting without him. We had a hard time getting him into the school we wanted. The good ones close to our house were full. I think I toured 8 preschools before we settled on his current one. It’s a long drive but a great school. His teacher is very nice. She’s different from Mrs. Kelly (Sadie’s preschool teacher) – more strict and academic, a little less loving. She’ll be a good teacher, though. His school is strict – uniform policy, pay $10/minute if you’re late picking up, only allowed 100% fruit juice in lunch boxes, no unhealthy snacks allowed, mandatory parental involvement, etc. We’re a little more laid back but I’m happy he’s getting a good education. Although, really, it’s only preschool?!?! I’m mostly wanting him to learn social skills in a safe, loving environment. They’re trying to create the next Einstein. I admire their determination.

Sadie tolerates 1st grade. Can’t say she enjoys it; not sure she dreads going either though. Her teacher seems fabulous. I requested her and I’m so happy I went through the extra effort. Sadie seems pretty comfortable already. She starts at 8AM and gets out at 2:15. It’s great to have so much time with her in the afternoon. Her school is a uniform school, too. She thinks it’s so fun to wear a uniform so that’s convenient. We started the tradition that every Thursday I go to her school and eat lunch with her. This last Thursday she was sitting next to a sweet boy and they were laughing hysterically. That made me happy. I’m hoping to get to volunteer at her school frequently. Her previous school didn’t want volunteers so I never went in. Her new school seems eager for help.

We are hopeful it will be a great school year for the kids!


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