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The Baby Squirrels

Twelve of our tall palm trees got a clipping last week and in the process we were presented with three homeless baby squirrels. The tree trimmer knocked on our door and handed each of the kids a squirrel before I could say a thing. Sadie was thrilled! Jax was cautiously curious. McKay was a speechless statue who seemed amused and concerned. I laughed and ran for my camera.  Funny how we each react differently to life events.


While we were talking the mother came back to the nest and was squeaking for her babies. The babies started squeaking back. I asked Jax to set his down by the tree to see if the mother would come for it. He was so gentle and sweet.


Sadie, on the other hand, wouldn’t give hers up. She ran upstairs and asked Ben if she could keep it. The tree trimmer gave her the idea. Apparently he raised a few when he was a boy. I heard Ben laugh and yell from the upstairs bathroom (he was doing baseboards), “What is THAT?” She asked him if she could keep it and he told her, “No Sadie, no more pets.” She cried and was quite upset with Ben. Happy I didn’t have to be the bad guy.:)


Jax’s kept crawling up inside his costume. He loved the warm, dark, soft hideaway. Jax sat frozen letting him hangout while I researched what to do and called around to a few places.


In the end, we made them a little nest and put them by the tree the mother had fled to. They slowly started disappearing after an hour and a half. We never actually saw the mother come for them but I hope it was her and not the neighbor’s cat.

They were cute!


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  • September 26, 2014 - 12:29 am

    Shannon - Each of the kids do have a different reaction to the squirrels. I especially love the one with the little squirrel clinging to Mckay’s shirt. He has such a cute reaction.ReplyCancel

  • September 27, 2014 - 2:54 am

    Desiree - Super cute. Ben is so mean some times. Hope the momma got her babies back in the nest.ReplyCancel

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