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A few updates I’ve been meaning to jot down….

Gramma Meyers fell while playing tennis on December 26th and broke her hip and wrist.  She’s been in the hospital and rehab facility but we’re hoping they’ll release her in the next week.  She’s been working hard and I’m always amazed by her strength – emotionally and physically.  I know it’s been hard for her but she’s handled everything with patience and perseverance.  She was able to come to Kimmy’s and Sadie’s birthday parties.  Here is she at Kimmy’s party:


We signed the kids up for soccer.  It’s every Saturday morning.  They start with a skills lesson and then scrimmage the last 15 minutes. McKay was too scared to play the first practice but now he loves it!  Sadie just runs around the action smiling and sprinting but hasn’t quite found the aggression to jump into the action and steal the ball away.


I had a big photo shoot in mid-January – headshots for Lavonte David who plays for the Bucs.  They went well. His managing agency loved the pictures!  What  a relief.  Kimmy came along as an assistant and to support me in my hour of need.  We actually all had a great time.  I think Lavonte was more nervous than I was.


I had another big photo shoot last Saturday – my first session for NILMDTS (Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep) a service organization which offers remembrance photography for parents who have newborns that don’t survive.  The session was for a woman who lost her 31 week old baby after her high blood pressure caused her placenta to rupture.  It was hard but I held it together better than I expected. I’m on call this week for another similar situation – a couple is having their first child but the baby has been diagnosed with Trisomy 18 and isn’t expected to survive long after birth.  I’m going to photograph the labor and delivery, and capture family pictures just after birth.  I’ve never photographed a labor and delivery so I’m nervous about that.  I’m also nervous about the emotional side of things.

We joined the YMCA this week.  With Ben’s busy season upon us I felt like I needed a little break and boost in my day.  Exercise makes me so happy.  Our closest YMCA also has racquetball courts so I’m excited to go play with Ben.  I played some in college and I loved it! Can’t wait until we can go.

Our avocado tree died suddenly.  Not sure what happened.  I don’t think they go dormant in the winter?  I guess it’s a lesson to take care of what I’m given.  Thankfully, the orange tree is producing great and it makes me so happy to be able to go pick a fresh orange any ‘ole time I want one.


Our friends, the Barnhills, left this week for Switzerland for the next 6 months.  We will miss them.  Incidentally, their move also leaves Ben as the acting YMs President unless they change the presidency.  Not the best timing since this is his busiest month of the year but he’s doing great at juggling things.  He serves with some other great people so it will all work out.  I was called as Primary secretary last month and I’m really enjoying my calling.  The primary presidency is one of the best, hardworking, dedicated presidencies I’ve ever seen.  They’re all about the kids, not the fluff, and every one is so reliable.  I’m excited to learn from them.

Baby Emma was blessed two weeks ago:

DSC_9343 DSC_9360

Christy and Cricchios are coming to visit this month.  We’re excited to see them!  I think both are going to stay at our house but only for a night or two.  We still haven’t finished the downstairs shower; not sure why that project is so impossible to complete!

Our dryer stopped working.  I’ve been laying clothes flat to dry for 2 weeks.  I keep thinking it’s going to magically fix itself.  Guess I should call a repair man, though.

Sadie’s eczema has returned recently and she seems to have more mental fog the last few months.  We’ve been really, really strict with her diet and pumping her full of nutritious food.  Just can’t figure out what to do.  Pray for her! Pray for us that we’ll know how to help her. We’ve been exploring several options – all of which are expensive.  We’re hoping to find the right answer so she can be as healthy and happy as possible.

I love my kids.  A few pictures from January…..


Zoo with the sister missionaries.

DSC_9398 DSC_9827 DSC_0390 DSC_0400 DSC_0505 DSC_0582 DSC_1559 DSC_1573

The end.

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    Desiree - Wow. Lots of info and I feel like I could ask 10 questions about each one. What a rock you are. Talented, lovely, spiritual, tender and solid (with a slender body).ReplyCancel

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