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Sadie’s Baptism

The little lady turned 8.  Still shocked she’s that old.  The days are long but the years are so short. Eight means baptism for Mormons. Her birthday conveniently fell on a Sunday.  It was a really beautiful, special day.  We felt the love and support of family and friends.  Christy and Matt’s family and Cliffie came all the way from Utah to be a part of it.  Sadie knew she was loved!

Talks were given by both grandmothers.  Ben performed the baptism and confirmation.  Christy conducted the music.  A friend, Keska, played the piano.  Kimmy and I gave prayers (I cried).  We enjoyed ice cream sundays for dessert and mingled afterwards.

Sadie was positively adorable and radiant.  Grandma Cliffie gifted her with a white dress and pearls and I think she felt like a princess.  So sweet and small and loving that child is.  A good soul.  Good, good, good.

For those interested, Mormons baptize children at the age of 8 because we feel that’s when children are accountable. They’re baptized by complete immersion as Jesus was by John the Baptist which is symbolic of a spiritual rebirth. For us, baptism is a two way promise or covenant with our Father in Heaven. We promise to obey his commandments, take upon ourselves the name of Christ, and to always remember Him and he promises to give us a forgiveness for our sins and his spirit to guide us.


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  • March 21, 2016 - 8:15 pm

    Jess - Love these!! I can’t believe she’s 8!! The pictures are adorable. I especially love the ones of you & Ben and all the kids, and the one of Gramma Meyers with Sadie. Too cute!! Miss you all!!ReplyCancel

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