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Thanksgiving 2015

My parents hosted Thanksgiving 2015.  I don’t think it’s a secret but it’s not my most favorite holiday.  Turkey, stuffing, gravy….not my type of food.  I do love visiting with family, though!

This year we set up the bounce house in the front yard and the kids jumped, climbed, and wrestled til they’d burned every last calorie consumed. They love that type of rough and tumble play with cousins.

After that my brothers and I took the kids on a little walk down to Bauder Elementary school to see if we could get into the playground.  The school was always open when we were growing up and it was the perfect little escape for us.  I have so many wonderful childhood memories in those fields and on the jungle gyms.  And lots of not good ones, too, actually.:) It’s so sad that schools are locked up now.  Michael found a way to break-in so we spent a few nerve racking minutes on the playground before our consciences caught up with us.   It was fun while it lasted.  Mostly it was run to reminisce with my brothers.

I took a grand total of 12 pictures and they’re all horrible.  I’ll share anyways because the pictures, despite all their imperfections, bring back the memories for me.

DSC_3708 DSC_3713 DSC_3722 DSC_3726 DSC_3728 DSC_3730

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