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Sadie’s Christmas Singers Company Performance


My heart nearly burst in my chest watching Sadie in this performance!

A good friend of ours, Amy Clawson, teaches a Singers Company class at her home once a week.  This is a description from their website about the organization:

Singers Company is non-competitive opportunity for girls to perform, a fun way to inspire confidence, make friends and share joy through music & dance. With practices once a week and 2-3 performances at the end of each Singers Company season, these young girls develop talents and skills that last a lifetime. It is inspiring to see a young girl, once afraid to leave her mother’s side, get up in front a large audience and sing a solo with confidence! Singers Company provides a fun environment for young girls to sing, dance, make friends and rock out!

I’ve always wanted Sadie to join but scheduling wouldn’t work for us in our last home.  Luckily, we were able to work it out this year.  I love it!  Sadie loves it!  It’s a great fit for her – building confidence, non-competitive, music, dance….perfect!

She joined the group a month late and missed a few practices because of travel and my photography commitments so she didn’t know the moves perfectly but look how happy she is!  One of the things I love most about Sadie is how happy and blissfully unaware she is.  She’s never overly concerned about perfection or what others are doing or thinking of her.  She’s just happy and loves to have fun.  This group and teacher are the perfect fit!

DSC_1375 DSC_1388

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