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Ben and I decided last year that we wanted to do a big trip to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. We had a hard time choosing our destination location but we settled on Thailand.  So happy we did; we loved it!!!

Why Thailand?  I stumbled upon a CNN article that listed World’s Best Beaches and several were in Thailand.  Example:

Ko-Phi-Phi-8After further research I discovered Thailand tourism offered a lot of playful, unique, hands on experiences.   There’s something very bonding and thrilling about near death experiences:) Bangkok is also well known for amazing shopping and some of  the best street food in the world.  My mom served her mission in Thailand 40 years ago and I grew up hearing her mission stories and eating Thai food, my now favorite of all ethnic foods.  These reasons….beautiful beaches, fun activities, interesting culture, great food….we were sold.

We had wanted to go during our anniversary, but we discovered it fell on the second day of school.  So we pushed the trip off a few weeks and went during Ben’s birthday week.  Hoping the kids would be well adjusted to school by this point.

We wanted to keep the itinerary fairly calm (haha).  With our India trip two years ago we were jumping between cities every night or two.   My goal was to only stay in two hotels.  In the end, we stayed in three hotels over an 8 day spread.  Still busy but not nearly as crazy as the India trip.

I did much of the research and booking of activities, and Ben booked all the flights and hotels.

My loving parents were kind enough to watch the kids during our 10 days away.  They did great!  The kids may prefer my mother over myself.  She is so attentive and loving with the kids.  We were worried about Jax because he has been struggling with Kindergarten but he was tear free while we were gone!  A testament to my mother’s stabilizing influence.

Here is an overview of the journey…. over 20K miles!

Great Circle Mapper

Great Circle Mapper

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